A vehicle frame is the basis of an automobile, also referred to as the chassis, this frame supports the sub assemblies and other components of a vehicle. It also protects the automobile from the many forces and collisions that it is subjected to throughout its life. In addition to the frame and wheels, the chassis must contain brakes, steering, suspension, and steering wheels. 

A rolling chassis for a commercial vehicle is an assemblage of all the necessary pieces of a truck that are ready for road operation but do not include the body. Due to its load-bearing capacity, the chassis design must be strong, dependable, and long-lasting. Putting together the chassis of a truck is no easy task. Each task is broken down further into smaller parts, each of which is equally important to the completion of the project.

 Each chassis, however, has over 100 bolts, and keeping track of them is a monumental chore. The job is often divided among operators who work in shifts, yet there is always uncertainty over who tightened which bolts. 

The screw counting procedure adopted by manufacturing units is designed to guarantee that all screws are counted during the assembling process. The longer an issue on the assembly line is discovered, the more it costs in rework time and money. If a fastening error is made and identified during the assembly process, the operator can either correct it by correctly finishing the operation or prevent the incorrect product from moving down the line. 

Therefore, it was a daunting task when we at IEC Air tools Pvt. Ltd. were approached by a well-known truck manufacturing company for a truck chassis assembly solution.

We understood the client’s dilemma and suggested a Cycle Monitoring System CMS (NS) from our range of products. CMS has a bolt/cycle count function. Each operator is allocated a certain number of bolts, and as confirmation of a predetermined batch of bolts/cycles, the operator receives a notice, eliminating the chance of any bolts remaining loose. The customer decided to use our CMS system for chassis assembly and was extremely pleased with the solution and the various benefits it offered. 

What other features does a Cycle Monitoring System provide? 

  • The cycle count can be set from 0 to 99999 based on the needs of the customer.
  • Displays OK (Green Light) / NOK (Red Light) function after the tool is shut.
  • Displays the number of cycles the tool has completed.
  • The batch count can be set as per the customer’s requirement of 99999 numbers.
  • Easy batch selection by Selections Switch.
  • Provision of reset button in case of any error or invalid function.
  • On completion of Cycle/batch signals of Cycle OK & Batch OK are sent to the IO which gives the possibilities for the customer to integrate these signals for error-proofing such as :

         Tower lamp signal


          Declamp and clamping of fixtures etc

CMS (NS)  has proven to be an undisputed poka-yoke solution for modern assembly lines

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