An exhibition is an excellent platform for us to build greater proximity with you, our customers. Each event is an opportunity for us to showcase our entire range of products and tools, and, of course, spend significant time talking about the ones that interest you.

We have been participating in several relevant exhibitions over the last many years. However, our presence at IMTEX over the years is what, we can confidently say, has really helped us take our brand to a wider audience in order to cater to the needs of many more manufacturers.


IMTEX is one of the top-rated exhibitions in India and it draws the who’s-who of the manufacturing space from not just around the country, but from across the world as well.

This platform allows us to continue with our long legacy of showcasing our best to our customers. And like every year, it did not disappoint.

We’ve been participating at IMTEX for more than three decades now, and after the forced gap of the pandemic, we are excited about this year. Don’t miss our stall.

The learnings

Exhibitions like IMTEX help us keep our pulse on the market and its needs. Through our customers – current and potential – we get to study and understand current market trends, and can thus modify or tailor our tools in order to meet those needs more accurately.

We do this through the countless one-on-one interactions that we have with all of you. It’s one thing talking to you on the phone or exchanging emails. Getting to hear your feedback in person is engagement on a whole different level, and it is events such as these that help us push our ideas and innovate even more.

The customer focus

The best part of real-life events such as IMETX 2023 is the chance our customers get to view products for themselves. Only when you handle a tool can you truly understand how it can fit into your manufacturing processes and have a positive impact on your bottom line. Of course, seeing all the products and tools laid out in front of you also gives you an actual sense of our vast array of tools, and you can realise we fulfil a need that you weren’t possibly aware of.

Our commitment to your needs, the passion to excel, consistency of quality, and an uninterrupted value proposition is what has helped us go from a small business to a global company in just 50 years.

Innovation is our middle name, and with our constant technology up-gradation and introduction of new products we are able to remain a step ahead, always.

IMTEX 2023

While IMTEX has been a fantastic experience for us, our participation in IMTEX 2023 this year holds a special place for us.

We’ve been watching the EV revolution unfold and we are thrilled and proud to be operating in these exciting times. Our strong focus on the auto sector means we have already begun supplying tools to several EV manufacturers and for many of them we are their one-stop solution for all their EV assembly production tools. It also helps that we have numerous global tie-ups and partnerships that help us meet these needs effectively.

We understand the difference between ICE and EV assembly, and we have a vast range of fastening solutions that can cater to the exact needs of both industries equally effectively.

If you wish to know more about our EV solutions, visit us at IMTEX 2023. We will be showcasing our entire range of EV tools along with other innovations.

IMTEX Bangalore

19th-25th January

Hall No: 3B

Stall No: B116

To know more about our tools or to call for a demo, write to us on or call us on +9173508 23800. You can also visit our website

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