The future of the white goods industry has begun long ago. And there is rapid expansion going on even as we speak. Not many decades ago, the household appliances industry was still taking its slow steps into the world. But very soon, things moved into a new direction and the white goods industry underwent a sea transformation. In the last two decades, these household products have become more widespread, and today there must be very few homes in Indian cities that don’t boast of a selection.

The market transformation

The reasons for these are manifold. People’s spending power increased, and manufacturers recognized an opportunity in the opening market. In each category, the number of manufacturers increased and along with that so did the number of their offerings. Moreover, there was increasing competition, not just from Indian brands but also from recognized multinational names that were quickly entering the market.

The differentiator in most cases came through disruptive innovation and redesigns, giving consumers a much wider array of goods to choose from. From the simplest of goods, like water heaters and cooking ranges, to more aspirational goods like split ACs, washing machines, and dishwashers, the market was bursting with efficient and easy-to-use goods that were also easy on the pocket.

Together these products have completely altered the landscape of white goods offerings, leaving consumers spoiled for choice. Today India offers a lucrative market for white goods manufacturers, to the point where even global launches are taking place in India at the same time as the other economies of the world.

New technologies rule the market

The pace of innovation has been and continues to be spectacular. But besides being efficient and easy to use, what new technologies can consumers expect to see? Manufacturers are looking to make their products more energy efficient and seek ways to minimize their carbon footprint. These are crucial takeaways for consumers when choosing their preferred brands, and businesses can see sales impacted by their concern (or lack of) for the environment.

Additionally, many white goods manufacturers are also looking for ways to make their products smart-enabled. What does this mean?

It wouldn’t come as any surprise to any of us or even seem to be out of place in today’s futuristic world to imagine a refrigerator or an AC or even a cooking range that can be remotely managed and controlled using a simple mobile application.

Can manufacturers keep pace with these evolving demands?

Change is the only constant

This need for continuous innovation in the white goods industry has led to manufacturers announcing new product launches on an ongoing basis. Customers are being fed a diet of new products, new ideas, and new technologies. This has created a vigorous market demand and FMCG manufacturers rely on support industries, such as ours, to help them cater to the high demand of customers and thus increase their productivity. 

The IEC advantage

At IEC Air Tools, we recognize the need white goods manufacturers have to meet not just their market’s need for speed but also volume. Smarter, automated assembly lines are the future of manufacturing, and it is critical to meet these demands.

As one of the leading manufacturers in India, we offer a range of fastening solutions that can keep pace with the changing industry and fast-moving assembly lines. Our extensive product offerings include, impact wrenches,  clutch control screwdrivers to current controlled etensil tools along with a host of automatic screw-feeding systems. These tools are used with a wide range of fasteners. These, along with pulse tools used in white goods industries are helping FMCG manufacturers meet their need for speed, efficiency, and productivity.

Talk to us today about how we can offer a host of fastening assembly solutions in India and how these solutions can cater to this industry and thus giving your manufacturing process a boost.

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