When it comes to using pulse tools, Transducerized pulse tools are gaining in popularity.These transducer pulse tools come with a built-in system that continuously measures torque in real time and feeds data back to the system. The use of these tools is rising because they are powerful, convenient, and create accurate fastening systems that combine the precision of a pulse tool with the speed and convenience of a torque transducer.

Their main advantage for assembly workers is that they generate fewer torque reactions. They also have a high power to weight ratio. This makes them perfect for manual assembly, since operators may use one hand to operate the tool while arranging components with the other.

Key Advantages of a Transducerized Pulse Tool

  • All major parts of the tools are from the proven Accura Pulse Series Tools, which translates to – “TC + TV = FT.” (TOTAL CONTROL +TOTAL VALUE= FASTENING TORQUE)
  • High Accuracy: Measurement of torque is more accurate when the strain gauge is located close to the socket and on the output shaft. High Accuracy Strain Gauge Transducer with 0.5% accuracy at Full Scale.
  • Stable : Transducerized pulse tools are high-speed, reactionless, and provide a great power-to-weight ratio similar to impact tools.
  • Ease of use : This pulse tool’s low vibration and noise, smooth, one-handed operation, ergonomics, and design make it extremely comfortable to use over the course of a long day.
  • Dependable: You can rely on these pulse tools because they provide consistent torque and configurable operator feedback. Non-contact pick-up diminishes signal noise, which improves torque continuity.
  • An operator can check the progress of work using the multicolor LED display mounted in front of the tool, eliminating the need to look at the controller.
  • This tool provides simple initial engagement and complete fastening process control.
  • The modular design allows for simple maintenance.
  • increased MTBF.
  • Controlled running of the tool eliminates excessive wear and tear,
  • With complete process control, energy costs can be reduced.
  • Preventive maintenance alarm
  • The operator experiences zero torque reaction since shutting off eliminates the need for a reaction arm and other costly equipment.

Clients increasingly turn to the combination of the Accura FT Series Transducerized Pulse Tools and the Accura CMS FT Controller to achieve optimal results. The reason could very well be that these instruments are unusual not just in their design but in their accuracy as well. However, the benefits do not stop there. The product’s life cycle and total cost of ownership are lucrative since the cost of components and electronics is competitive when compared to other choices in the industry. If you require rapid and precise tightening, want to save effort, time, and energy, and want to boost MTBF, contact us for a demonstration of how the Accura Pulse series tools may help your business. Based in Pune, India, since 1972, IEC Air Tools Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial pneumatic tools. To find out more about our products,

Email us at contact@iecairtools.com or call 91 20 25651484 or 25651241.

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