The selection of the right tool for an assembly operation affects the quality and productivity of the process. The ergonomic benefits of oil pulse tools have always been known.

A pneumatic oil pulse tool is a combination of an air motor and a unique hydraulic pulse unit which offers distinct advantages over conventional Impact Wrenches and Nut-runners in terms of better quality of fastening, longer life and operator comfort. The Torque of the tool can be easily varied within the range of the tool and remains practically constant. A pulse tool’s intelligent engineering and one-of-a-kind design symbolise the operating power and hydraulics that contribute to an assembly tool.

What is an oil pulse tool?

In an oil pulse tool, hammer mechanism of impact wrench is replaced by oil pulse unit.

These tools have high power to weight ratio & are high performance tools used on assembly lines. In auto shutoff oil pulse tools, the tool can automatically stop the flow of air when the fastening cycle is complete thus reducing air consumption.

How do oil pulse tools work?

The oil pulse tool has no “metal to metal” contact, hence it provides softer and stable “impulsing“ resulting in less vibration, lower noise levels and longer service life when compared with conventional impact wrenches.

In the oil pulse tools the maximum installed torque is controlled by regulating the maximum hydraulic pressure in the pulse unit. For this purpose, an easily adjustable by-pass valve controls the flow of oil in the impulse unit (from high pressure to low pressure), and thereby limits the power of each pulse.

The pulsing cycle is very short (0.5 to 3 ms) & hence there is almost no torque reaction in the handle grip .

Advantages of using pulse tools

Ergonomics- These tools are powerful, with almost nil reaction & with less vibration & low noise. Because of these features, operators get less fatigued.

Torque: Precision torque control and user comfort make pulse tools more productive and enhance product quality. The right tool for an operator is a lightweight pulse power tool with superior torque capabilities. In combination with a high-speed rundown, the operator can achieve a faster cycle time with a pulse tool with a good power-to-weight ratio.

Durability: a long tool life is a feature of Pulse tools. In contrast to an impact wrench or mechanical clutch, a pulse tool does not have the metal-to-metal hammering mechanism found in conventional tools which would be short-lived and increase maintenance costs.

Torque control- Durability is the primary goal of oil pulse tools. In order to ensure that their products remain safe and durable, operators carefully control torque. Improperly torqued fasteners can vibrate and loosen, and excessive torque can cause the threaded fasteners to come off. Companies today are investing in a high quality pulse tool to ensure sufficient torque application.

The Pulse tool compared to the impact wrench

The pulsing cycle is very short (0.5 to 3 ms) & hence there is almost no torque reaction in the handle grip.  Thus, an operator can work longer and faster without risking musculoskeletal damage from the movement of the tool, maximising worker safety and productivity.

Pulse tools also protect themselves from shock by absorption. If a toolhead’s impact on a fastener is not mitigated by hydraulic fluid, the rigid frame of an impact driver takes every hit it receives. In addition to wearing out parts, this jarring of metal on metal increases tool failures and reduces accuracy.

Impact wrenches need to be inspected regularly to ensure that the metal shows no signs of fatigue. Maintenance for oil pulse tools is also required, although it is mainly confined to tool calibration and hydraulic fluid refill.


Both impact wrenches and pneumatic oil pulse tools can be used to manufacture or maintain high performance products and equipment. Pulse tools dramatically minimise product loss, increase worker safety, and lengthen equipment life.

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