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Pneumatic High speed Drill

The railway industry is the lifeline of our nation, moving millions of goods and people across the vast geography every day with speed and efficiency.

To build railway coaches and for seat, wall and floor paneling applications, railway factories require tools that offer high cutting speeds and steady power.

Pneumatic High speed Drills

Our high-speed drill ID 6N is ideal for drilling operations in coach factories and body building facilities. Its high-speed of 6000 RPM fulfills all these requirements with exacting precision, power and efficiency.

Compact and powerful

The lightweight tool is packed with steady power and can complete the most challenging tasks with accuracy.


The tool is engineered and designed to achieve more within shorter spans due to its industry-specific speeds of 6000 RPM.

Enhanced ergonomics

A comfortable grip and steady operations ensure minimal operator fatigues, thus allowing assembly operations to continue uninterrupted for longer.

Versatile applications

The Pneumatic High speed Drill from IEC Air Tools is ideal for coach building factories, bus body builders, control panel manufacturers, etc.

Salient features of ID 6N

-Die-cast compact handle body design for use even in tight spaces

-User-friendly grip and balancing reduces trigger operating force thus ensuring easy control and operator comfort

-360แต’ exhaust airflow adjustable silencer gives control over exhaust air as per convenience

-Significantly reduced sound levels

-The tool comes with a standard 10mm drill chuck. If required, a 6mm chuck can be provided.

-Existing users of the old ID6N can upgrade to the new and improved ID6N to enjoy better results. Alternatively, you can order spares to enjoy the same benefits as the new version.

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