The Indian two-wheeler industry has been the backbone of the Indian economy. The seemingly-endless array of scooters and motorcycles has been driving potential employment opportunities for countless decades. Of course, it also supports the diverse component manufacturing supply chain that in turn forms the backbone for the product delivery of the same industry – scooters and motorcycles.

Over the last many years, the two-wheeler industry has undergone a massive transformation. This includes not just the diverse product offerings of numerous scooter and motorcycle models, but also products with new and exciting features that meet the demands of the Indian customer. Whether it’s an economical and fuel-efficient commuting solution that comes with basic features, or a more advanced premium transport solution that befits the young and trending aspiring population of the country – all these offerings have been made possible only due to the rapid integration of technology and process.

Truly, the changes in the two-wheeler industry have been revolutionary. And we can see major players in the two-wheeler industry in India adopting the latest model technologies to create better products for their customers.

Innovation and a revolution in the EV industry

Adopting the latest manufacturing technology and processes in order to get world-class products to the Indian market is no easy task. It has been especially challenging after the Covid lockdown. Luckily, while many industries felt the brunt of the lockdown, there was rapid growth of the two-wheeler industry in India closer to the end of the COVID period.

This just goes to show that there is always a market for technology and a win-win total cost of ownership. Having said this, the industry has also witnessed a number of challenges in its journey. The transition to various model upgrades, specifically to the recent EV platform and the eMobility platform, has not been easy. Customers are excited about these new mobility options and the onus is on two-wheeler manufacturers to offer those to them.

Economic growth of two-wheelers in the global market

Manufacturers across the board are gearing up to offer exacting solutions to meet the immediate needs of customers. However, they are also exploring and innovating alternate technologies that are sustainable, scalable, and also easy for the consumer to use and operate. These are truly exciting times and the market is agog to see which technologies will the manufacturer offer and which ones will find favour with customers.

There is considerable hubbub in the market, and discussions on an alternate, hybrid fuel solution are already taking place. Perhaps the market will offer a combination of both going forward. It is important to remember that the two-wheeler industry generates significant revenue and employment and is great for the economy. Finding a reliable clean balance between the two mobility solutions is the need today. This is well-respected and understood by the two-wheeler industry as it gears up for electric two-wheeler market growth in India.

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