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Cycle Monitoring System – CMS (NS)

Cycle Monitoring System – The effective Poka-Yoke solution for modern assembly lines

Introducing Our Effective Poke-Yoke Solution for Assembly Lines: Enhancing Accuracy, Data Visibility, and Productivity

Look no further! Our innovative Poke-Yoke system offers a comprehensive solution with three key benefits: accurate and precise fastening, advanced data display, and improved productivity. Discover how our solution can revolutionize your manufacturing process and elevate your assembly line to new heights

Accurate and Precise Fastening:

The integration of a CMS system with our pneumatic tool offers remarkable improvements in fastening operations. With an in-built shut-off feature which is customisable , the tool automatically stops at the desired torque level, eliminating the risk of over-tightening. With our Poke-Yoke solution, each fastening task is executed flawlessly, with continues process monitoring.

Display of Data:

Stay informed and in control with our advanced data display capabilities. Our CMS system provides real-time insights by displaying the number of cycles completed by the tool. You can also customize batch settings on the basis of your application.

This valuable data empowers your team to monitor tool usage, track performance, and ensure no components are missed and fool proofing is ensured.

By leveraging this information, you can optimize workflow, allocate resources efficiently, and minimize downtime.

Productivity Improvement:

Unlock the full potential of your assembly line and achieve substantial productivity gains with our Poke-Yoke solution. By enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of fastening operations, our solution streamlines your manufacturing process. Reduce time-consuming quality checks and rework, as our solution minimizes the need for manual torque verification and eliminates the risk of human errors.

The result? Improved operational efficiency, faster task completion, and increased productivity consistently

IEC AIR TOOLS PVT. LTD. introduces

  • CMS –CMS – CYCLE MONITORING SYSTEM which can be interfaced with any of the IEC Accura Pulse Shut off Tools & the
    tool will have to be ordered separately mentioning suffix (P) for example IAP-6ST+ (P).
  • CMS (NS) — IEC innovates to arrive at shut off process for non shut off range of Pulse tools. IEC non shut off
    Pulse Tool & sensor hose from the tool is connected to Controller of Cycle Monitoring System CMS (NS).
  • Non Shut Off Pulse Tools are suitably modified
  • Easy Batch Selection by Selection’s Switch.

Salient Feature

Cycle count can be set as per customer’s requirement – 0 to 99999.

Displays OK (Green Lights) / NOK (Red Light) function after tool gets shut

Displays the number of cycles the tool has completed.

Batch count can be set as per customer’s requirement up to 99999 Nos.

Easy Batch Selection by Selections Switch.

Provision of reset button in case of any error or invalid function.

On completion of Cycle / batch signals of Cycle OK & Batch OK are sent to
the IO which gives the possibilities for the customer to integrate these signals for error proofing such as :

  • Tower lamp signal
  • Hooter
  • Declamp and clamping of fixtures etc.

As the tool operation process is controlled, the system gives complete
process capability option on Shut Off & Non Shut Off Pulse Tools with better accuracy.

Easy Handling

Regular Single Phase AC Electric supply – 230 V / 50 Hz.

4 Input and 4 Output are spare for future automation

One CMS controller can be used for any Shut Off Pulse Tools [ST Series] &
One CMS (NS) controller can be used for any Non Shut Off Pulse Tools [IAP Series]

Indigenously designed & manufactured in India.

Spare parts & Service easily available.

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